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Recent Handwritten Notes

Sheri, I will never forget your kindness. Your kindness is deeply appreciated more than any words of thanks can ever express.
Love, Val 9/2/2022 Thanks for always remembering the ice cream!

Dear Sheri,
Thank you for the invite to your NYE ’21 party! It sustained me through the year! More recently thank you for the help with my villa. I appreciate you.
Marissa 9/2022

Thank you for everything you did to find me a home. I’m so pleased. Your efforts will never be forgotten. You are a great lady and a wonderful Realtor. I hope your boss appreciates the work you do. I know I do.
Audrey M. 8/30/2022

Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your help. You are especially kind and thoughtful. Thank you for managing and completely the move of my couch.
Ralph. 4/20/2022

Sheri, Thank you for all. Your help with finding a realtor in Cleveland, TN to help me value my house. Please enjoy dinner on me!
Thank you,
Kathy 1/12/2022

Dear Sheri,
Well I guess what they say is true…3rd time is the Charm! My home was well inspected! I hope the new owners enjoy the house and Highland Lakes. It is a fabulous community with so much to offer.
May you continue to sell lots and lots of houses! You are a great sales agent!
This time have lunch on me… maybe not so much wine as my friends and I did!
Love, Joan. 7/1/2021

Thank you for lunch at Joey’s. We had a wonderful time, in fact too much fun. We were there for at least 3 hours and enjoyed many glasses of wine. This is for our “wine bill”.
Again, thank you,
Joan, 5/20/21
PS. Address labels, too! Just remembered 🙂 love them.

I had the best intentions with this gift card as I thought you could use it anywhere. But reading all the information it may be more trouble than it’s worth using it. Let me know if you run into any issues. Sheri, this cannot begin to express how much Linda and I appreciate all your efforts in finding and helping us seal the deal on the villa. Especially in light of the fact you had to put up with my Irish temper off and on – and then, of course, our limited budget. You went beyond our exceptions. THANK YOU!
Eileen, 4/2021

Sheri – Wow what a year, what a time to have to empty out a house during a Worldwide Pandemic. You truly accomplished what I thought couldn’t be done. In all my years, I have never seen a Realtor go so far above the call of duty. I can not say enough but you are simply amazing and we obviously could not have done it with out you.
Barb – Sunnie’s daughter. 5/2020

Dear Sheri,
…because you’re as nice as you can be! Thank you for all your effort – I appreciate it.
Love, Bethe R. 2/2019

What a blessing you are in our life. Thank you for everything you did! – From “pre” listing to the contract it was exactly 9 months of HARD LABOR! Thank you so much for all you time and effort, advice on staging, repairs then the advertising, open houses, inspections, etc. You have been a Great Realtor and Friend.
Brian and Evelyn J. 1/2020

Dear Sheri,
Thanks so much for your thoughtful, useful, yummy basket of goodies that greeted us last Monday. The crackers & cheese helped us over some “hunger humps” this last week, an we loved and needed the personalized “tools” (cheese knife, wine opener). The wine is chilled and ready for the real celebration when we move in.
House is coming along – we’ve met several neighbors and love it! Feeling VERY BLESSED!
Thanks for everything –
Marsha and Dave

We DID it! I know this was a fun one for you with garage sales and all the prep work to getting the house ready. Thanks for being so professional and communicative through the whole transaction. Use this Starbucks gift card when you need that extra “push”, I don’t know how you do it. Thanks so much for all the help, you’re a gift.
Joe 11/2019

Sheri, It has been great to connect again. Its nice to work with a true professional. Thanks for the business and I hope we can continue working together in the future. I can see why the Barkers raved about you – you are a real pro.
Michael. 5/2019